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Is Slow Travel a Retro Evolution?

Slow Travelers are seeking for unique experiences under environmental friendly way. Is this a reminiscense of our prehistoric human legacy? Think about it. More and more we are witnessing the


Discover Philippines at its finest. V&C loves to call it “The Creole Country of Southeast Asia”. The only country colonized by Spain for 330 years old in this part of

The New Reality of Luxury Hospitality

New Hotels & Resorts will face a new reality of travel trends & behaviors after this challenging times. What is the future of the luxury the travel industry after this crisis? Maybe

Never Waste a Good Crisis

“Never waste a good Crisis” This quote seems to be credited to Winston Churchill. Whatever was him or not, whatever it sounds perfect or not, I want to share with you now

Wellbeing Matters in Sri Lanka

Santani; Wellbeing in the heart of The Smiling Island At Be World / Be Marketing we are proud to announce a new collaboration with Santani resort in Sri Lanka, a

3 Steps to Accelerate the European Travel Market

The after COVID Recovering of the European Luxury Travel Markets needs to start NOW. After COVID, the great acceleration may be coming in July, it may be September, or even the end of

Redefining Luxury Travel after COVID

Intelligent Luxury. The new way for UHNW travelers. Big crisis always change people and the perception they have about their lives, about how they live, and most importantly about the

Resplendent Ceylon: conoce a Malik Fernando

Somos una familia de productores de té y supongo que también, y por accidente, de hoteleros, dado nuestro compromiso con la producción ética de té y nuestro orgullo por compartir

The New Normal at Soneva

The Soneva way on the New Normal at the Maldives I have never seen a better way to explain, integrate and maximize the core values of a brand with the

El mundo está lleno de experiencias por vivir

Be World Experiences Tal y como afirmaba Lao Tzu, “un viaje de mil millas comienza con el primer paso”. Un primer paso da lugar a un maravilloso viaje. Así de simple.

¿Sabías que…? – Historia de Sri Lanka

Repartidas por Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya y otras partes de la isla, las ruinas arquitectónicamente notables que dejaron atrás los antiguos reinos de Sri Lanka son un gran indicio de la

No sólo es té, playa y templos…

Sri Lanka es una tierra conocida por el té, las playas, la cultura y la vida silvestre. Sin embargo, cuando hablamos de vida silvestre en la isla, la imagen que