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Never Waste a Good Crisis

“Never waste a good Crisis”

This quote seems to be credited to Winston Churchill. Whatever was him or not, whatever it sounds perfect or not, I want to share with you now at this moment as it took my attention and decided to write this open letter – post to all my network of friends.

Crisis comes etymologically from the greek “KRISIS”, which means the “turning point moment where a desease could get worse … or better”, for good or for bad.

This “good crisis”, needs to end in something positive that HAS TO BRING all of us a better moment the next time we meet each other. Because this will happen for sure sooner or later.

This is not pretended to be a lesson or a motivating article, rather than thinking-loud ideas and thoughts with you; friends, colleagues, business partners, clients and new readers. During the last 10 days of retreat at home (and another 30 more to come), I have realized that aside of the obvious close family members,  I need more than ever “YOU”; the people I have met in the last years; in a trade show, in a cocktail, in a face to face meeting, in that private and meaningful conversation about life, or that moment in a plane or an airport lounge, or even  in a party in Marrakesh or Berlin. These “moments”, whatever they were a friendship connection or a business partner moment are not possible now, but they are retained in my brain sticking stronger than never. Why? Because I am committed to strength and amplify these meaningful moments in the very first opportunity I may have to do so.

As we speak now, we are facing 10 days of confination, a new word rarely used in our language of the tourism industry. We, as ambassadors of one of the most important exercise of freedom (“Traveling”), that enriches the minds and souls of our clients and partners but also of ourselves, need to value the work we have done in the past years. But more important, as we will continue to do so, we need to learn from this “Krisis”and have the clear mission that through the next opportunity we have in couple of months we will take any travel experience as a ” unique ” moment.

From the cradle situation we are living now, looking after not being infected, taking good care of our family and friends, we see that there are many new opportunities arising around us, even being reclused at homes in whatever sqm you are able to enjoy as we speak. Missing the freedom of travel, the gift of meeting new people and cultures in different countries and continents, gives us the importance and relevance of what is our job, our mission, our guiding principle.

So having said this, I want to share with you three main outcomes – thoughts I take out of this situation;

1- What can we do for others / clients – shareholders – partners? 

YOU and ME, we are the craft makers of everlasting moments during a travel. This radical breakage now needs to make us think about how important is every single journey we create, regardless the budget and the destination, putting aside the transactional and profitable element for a moment and focus on the persons and the relevance of the purpose of the trip; honeymooners, solo travelers, family trips, you name it, all of them are important. Finally, considering that now more than ever we are seeing how elder population and grandparents are suffering from this terrible virus, I encourage that we focus on promote the multigenerational family trip.

Thinking about what we can do; adding facilities for the “bringing the Grand Parents with us”. Life is short and I am sure many are now regretting not to have experienced some more moments with them. Lets be sensible to this population who have given all to us and now are being silent heroes of the pandemia. We, the trade experts, need to do something to arise the opportunity, and more important, give facilities for this both economical and operationally so that families do consider this option. Multigenerational travel needs to be a trend, now even more. It will be soon the time, after moments like this, to bring family together and forget the bad times.

11768_Soneva in Aqua - Sonu and Eva

2- What can we do for our environment? 

If a virus is capable to do this, imagine a “lock down of the Earth” due to rise of oceans, desertification, lack of clean water due to dirty rivers, migration issues due to inequality, new wars or unstable governments? Responsible travel needs to start from us. We need to prioritize companies, destinations, products, resorts, behaviors that are aligned with the guiding principles of sustainability and social responsibility and community benefits, but with a real one, not a “greenwashing” concepts as we can see in many resorts and destinations. It is  not just about avoiding plastic in the resorts it is far way more or having an award recognizing a minimal commitment with the environment.

We should be the creators, the craft makers of responsible and sustainable holidays. ALWAYS. No exception. Sustainability standards for all have to be implemented as a guidance from the initial moment of the journey experience. Proactively, Professionally, Consistently.

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3- What can we do for us? 

Now comes the most important part of the thoughts. We need to be CHANGE MAKERS, and this starts internally in ourselves, but we need some priorities at this moment. I know we all want to meet friends, share a glass of wine and a nice meal, we know how this works. but for now …

First of all #STAYHOME.  Pls wherever you are, regardless your government obliges or not, please do an Auto confination for 1 month. for you, for your grandparents, for the GP of your friends, for our elder community who are suffering most. Also for all the volunteers; sanitary, military, logistic, administrative people. If they get infected all the chain will fail and this will translated into more sick and death people. Auto Disciplne. I hope we can meet soon again and talk about this as a past nightmare but facing future with optimism.

Second #STAYTUNED.  Human being need to be in contact. We are social humans and this has been one of the difference that makes us evolve from a cave and hunting in the forest to where we are now. The fact I am writing this post is a sample of a need to be connected, of “Stay tuned” with you. Lets use this time to connect each other in whatever way technologies allow us. I have received wassaps, emails and messages of  friends and partners, some of them nicely surprised and unexpected. Please call me/us and lets stay connected, my mobile +34 639135808 pls do connect, lets share good and bad moments and lets agree next face to face moment. Also if bad news, lets see how we all can help each other. This is the moment for collaboration and work together.

Final #STAYPOSSITIVE. Please foresee the wining of this sanitary war. Be positive and visualize the success in our heads. Maybe this will be the best time/ excuse for reinventing yourself.

Personally we are having more time to spend with family, children, grand parents, neighbors (although from distance). We have more time to try again this guitar lessons put aside due to the lack of leisure time (like me), read all these books parked in the library, do that online course you always wanted to do, or simply try your skills within the kitchen with the recipe you got from a chef at Soneva. Ultimately if your wife – parter – family allows you to listen to these old LP records or CD’s go for it. Understanding that AC/DC or Iron Maiden can be challenge as a first step to enjoy them. It is recommended to go gradually starting with a selection of a softer list like Soul or R&B. Then If you are brave go for next step. If not I suggest some negotiation skills to achieve your Hard Rock / Heavy Metal goal, you know what I mean, Give and take. If this doest work, Classic music is always an “honorable defeat/ retirement”. But if you are alone, GO FOR IT  full blast!!

Professionally there always moments for new adventures. I personally did so in 2008 just in the middle of the finial crisis, and here I am. As read in an article “It is quite common to hear of individuals who have never looked back after redundancy because it unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit that had been dormant. Many describe themselves as “reluctant entrepreneurs” because it was the act of being made redundant that forced the change in approach – they needed a push. It wasn’t planned but nonetheless these people certainly didn’t waste a good crisis”. Maybe this is your moment, your best excuse!

Are you ready for the Roller coast ??

Are you ready to take advantage of this good crisis?

This forced retreats needs to / has to / must do a change in the way we have live together, make us stronger, better and wiser on how we connect each other before. Lets go for it.

I virtually taste with you for a brand new future.



Redaction: Alfonso Martinez Fischer

CEO & Owner of Be Marketing / Be World

phone. 34 910807870

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