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Discover Philippines at its finest. V&C loves to call it “The Creole Country of Southeast Asia”. The only country colonized by Spain for 330 years old in this part of the world. So you know what that means; old churches, colonial houses, traditions, food, family names, Spanish words that one can still think that it is Filipino but they are not – all these remain strongly present in this beautiful country.

Then Americans came that highly crafted our system. If not all, most of our medium of instructions in schools, government, constitution, businesses, and a lot more are all written in English. The influence is so strong that you see American food chains every corner, fashion and style, films, TV shows, and music are rooted in our culture. This means too, ironically we don’t speak Spanish.

Many of you have been to Asia, particularly the Southeast but you may have a second thought of travelling to Philippines. So V&C is here to guide and give you a glimpse to your next destination.

Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and every island offers a different experience. So we suggest you explore these beautiful islands.

Philippines has so much to offer. Our personalized approach is second-to-none and assures you of a seamless service, tailor-made by consultants who share a passion for travel to the Philippines, who understand your wishes and by doing so, achieve your most ideal vacation.

So please accept our invitation to explore these places where our hearts and minds reside.