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3 Steps to Accelerate the European Travel Market

The after COVID Recovering of the European Luxury Travel Markets needs to start NOW.

After COVID, the great acceleration may be coming in July, it may be September, or even the end of the year.  Are you ready for this ride? One thing is clear, luxury travel markets will be the first ones to start recover as soon as countries ease the lockdown and destinations start to open the borders to specific geo markets in Europe.

If you are surviving this crisis, from the moment you have clear that your hotel – destination still wants to be in this business, you need to put strategy into action and start to make smart decisions way ahead the markets open. Be WORLD/ Be Marketing analyzes the details and gives you 3 steps for recovery with sound recommendations.

1- Start now. Why it needs action now?

–  Because demand is starting to move as we speak. Requests to exotic destinations are being seen despite the uncertainty. Why? because there is nothing to lose. requests for now requires no deposit confirmations as hotels are being flexible now. Important is to get the request, once you have it a good follow up will just be needed to catch the full confirmation.

Because being the first is always better. Anticipating the needs, foreseeing the future demand will put you in a privileged position. Maybe the real lead is not there yet, but putting the seed of the reason for your brand, product, experience is crucial, and the moment is now. Why? because the people have time to listen in detail, are receptive and are eager for knowledge, there is no rush.

Because agents active now are the critical ones to make decisions. The agents who are still active, will be the most important ones, with stronger relationship with their clients, most of them either the owners of the retail agency – or the senior travel designers in each teams. If you have direct access to them now, high chances are that you will get their attention and start build up the potential bookings they may have in mind for their clients. It is also a great moment to settle your brand principles rather than just the product features, setting the pace for a solid relationship.


2- What you need to do? 

Know the Market. If you know here to hit, you will save time. You need to be effective and know who has he potential now, who has survived the crisis and maybe who will get stronger after this crisis. Market experts will tell you where to start and how to do it.

Have the Network access. Know who are the key players. Your regular DDBB is not enough now. More than half of the contacts may not be anymore after this crisis. You need to know exactly who is who and have had a constant relationship with the trade key players during these months. You can’t lose time and whatever action you take, need to be focus.

Have the Tools to communicate with them even remotely. Decision makers will be receptive, but you need to be selective and have a gradual approach on how to introduce your product. You can’t start to send now special offers because this is a wrong message.


3- How you have to action/ execute?

Be Gradual. Be there now, first with emotional communication, human to human, then with content marketing and then with a sound face to face. You can’t hit the market knocking on the doors day 1 and with no previous message or “warm up”. Whoever does this process needs to have the tools, the access to the network and the experience.

Be live in the Market by day 1. At the moment travel is possible again, make sure your team is there. Why ? because other will be and they will be as committed you can imagine to regain the space lost in the last months. If your team can’t do it, rely on experts in the market. It will be faster and more productive.

Have the right partner keeping activity in a constant way. Understanding the after scenario, you will surely have restricted resources. Having a good partners that is flexible in the cost for your department with limited resources, but facing a good ROI will be crucial as you can be in all markets easier than just with your own resources. The right partner will be able to help you in all the above actions but also reinforcing other such as:

  • Maximize presence at main events in the trade.  PURE, ILTM, Workshops in specific markets such as Lobster, TO educational to retail agents. Maximize exposure and if possible rely in the market experts of your partner.
  • Promote Cross selling with other similar products. It is time for the collaborative economy. Presence in the market with products ” on brand ” as yours will be more effective. Decision makers will be more receptive and more importantly you can save travel expenses. Having a good selective partner in the market will allow you greater impact and market share of attention.
  • Close the leads. Following up process is crucial, you may start to receive leads. Are you sure you are doing all possible to convert them?  are you sure you have the time and the people to be on top of any single request? Sometimes the gap between a conversion is just a right phone call, to the right decisor, or the right personal relationship to make the difference vs your competitor.


In resume, not having a minimum presence in the market now just because you want to save some bucks of $ CAN BE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN NEVER. As said in Spain, food for now, Huger for tomorrow. The race will start soon, all the cars will be ready to run, all wanting the same prize. Are you sure you have the right CAR, the right ENGINE and the right DRIVER for this race.

Be world/ Be Marketing can help you to be in the European market in a strategic, focus and profitable way. More than 30 years of experience and a solid team & partners will provide you the right ROI and the acceleration

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Redaction: Alfonso Martinez Fischer

CEO & Owner of Be Marketing / Be World

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