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Mindful Easter Escapes

Within the last 20 years, technology has turned into a ubiquitous force in our lives. We are constantly being bombarded with loads of messages and information. Phones, tablets and laptops have become mechanisms for bringing work home. We are constantly reading, creating and manipulating information already ever-present in our lives. While this new wave of technology has helped humankind in many ways (notably in the area of convenience), the need to disconnect has become increasingly important. 

Disconnecting from work and technology not only removes one from the constant pool of information they are surrounded by, but it also allows them to refresh and regenerate. Although it might seem counterintuitive, disconnecting can actually improve one’s productivity.

Disconnecting from work and technology has many health benefits such as: improving your mood, decreasing the symptoms of anxiety & depression and even sleeping better. 

One time that people often take to relax is during Easter break. 

Taking time off can be wildly beneficial. Spring and Easter are known as times for regeneration. What better time to relax than the yearly time of rebirth?

Slow travel and mindfulness experiences approach travelling from a more relaxed and alleviated angle. They emphasise things such as customs and cultures, allowing clients to revel in their trips and enjoy themselves. 

Feeling that you are experiencing something unique and curated specifically for you, your soul will be fed and feel full.

It is predicted that slow travel will increase in popularity in the coming years, with an estimated 10% compound annual growth rate. Recently, Hidden Scotland (a popular travel site for Scotland) has done a survey regarding slow travel. They found that 83% of people prefer slow travel over other modes of travel. 

As we´ve mentioned in the past, here at BE WORLD; we have shifted our focus to a more conscious and ‘slow’ way of travelling. We work hard to inspire authentic and one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients. 

We devote our work to inspiring the perfect journey for our clients. Therefore, we take time to spark an experience that goes beyond the regular expectation. As a team, our main job has evolved to become an inspiration for the slow travel experience.

Slow Travel and sustainable travel are the art of moving from any place in the world to another, finding an openness to the present moment where life reveals itself in all its fullness.

For this kind of sustainable travel, there are 3 regions/continents that seem to stand out: Asia, Europe and the Indian Ocean. Each 3 of these destinations has its own unique and exceptional experience to offer. 

  1. Europe is the best place for history lovers. If you want to be surrounded by the roots of antiquity while on vacation then Europe is your most suitable option. Hotels such as La Dehesa de Don Pedro and  Senhora da Rosa come to mind as they are known for embracing tradition and history.  
  2. Asia, similarly to Europe, has a lot of rich history. However, what perhaps makes it stand out is its gastronomy. All regions of Asia have their own food that is local to their region. The options seem to be limitless, one can eat satay in Indonesia or green curry in Thailand. Hotels in Asia with excellent gastronomic options include Ceylon Tea Trails, Soneva Kiri and NIHI Sumba
  3. The Indian Ocean is a region that is known for luxury, especially when it comes to tourism and travel. There you will find luxury resort getaways scattered throughout the tropical islands. Soneva Fushi and Jani are resorts known for being at the forefront of luxury.