Luxury Resorts and Destinations

The New Reality of Luxury Hospitality

New Hotels & Resorts will face a new reality of travel trends & behaviors after this challenging times.

What is the future of the luxury the travel industry after this crisis? Maybe we will need a powerful telescope lie the one at Soneva Jani trying to find the right answers of an uncertain future. Reading the milky way or other galaxies will be as sophisticated than take the right decisions in our strategies.  In the meantime we need to see the trends that are arising slowly, even more anticipating them.

One that we are really interested in from Be WORLD is how will this affect the design, the development and the operations of new hotels & resorts to be build in the future. But more importantly how the actual ones will adapt to the new reality. Lets see some that are clearly showing up within the travelers. What are they looking for?

  • More unbranded  – independent products vs multinational and conventional global luxury brands.
  • Secondary destinations with secondary less crowded airports
  • Looking for remote but accessible destinations. Avoid of downtown locations even if they are at front line beach.
  • Return on Lifestyle. Multi-generation and multi family products on demand.
  • Flexibility for “Buy out” products
  • Staycations in high demand  with focus on Mono destination and private environments
  • More Residencial, less conventional Hotels
  • Remote locations are preferred than massive attended destinations
  • Master plan designs focussing on privacy and exclusivity units. Open spaces, terraces and green private areas.
  • Less common pools and leisure areas vs private ones.
  • Nature to be part of the design of resorts.
  • Real Safety and Environmental friendly in demand vs “green washing” or “fake sustainability” products
  • Wellbeing and Health are the new priorities. On site sanitary checks and prevention will be part of the holidays.
  • Memorable unique experiences around gastronomy, activities and local communities.
  • Slow life and healthy food
  • Technology will more relevant and at fore-front, specially on safety. But it has to be easier and simpler with less touch points.
  • Virtual check in and seamless in room services.
  • Back of the House (BOH) or Heart of the House (HOH) critical for clients. A good HOH shows a healthier environment for customers.
  • Residential units with private organic farms and garden plots

The future is not written, as said, we will need to do an effort of anticipation and interpretative exercise.

For now, we at Be world are happy to have in our portfolio a great range of destinations and products which are completely tuned with the new reality, such as Soneva or Len torre lodge. That is the advantage of foreseeing the new trends.

For more extensive insights, we do recommend you the Quo Global podcast – interview done with Anthony Mallows, president and CEO of WATG.

Written by

Alfonso Martinez Fischer

CEO – Owner of Be Marketing / Be world

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