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Unwind India with Be Marketing and Status Quo Travel

If there was a destination that our team was really looking forward to work with, by all means it was India. It was not just the fact of having the chance to promote something unique, attractive, mysterious.. it was primarily because of the people of this country, because the heritage and the meaning for our life that this culture is providing in a more important way every day. During years we were thinking and looking about the best partners to share this journey. We had many opportunities, many possibilities, but we wanted something real, something authentic… and finally, in a completely unexpected way were sitting with the Status Quo Team in front of us in a summer day of July. It took 30 min to know that by all means, this will be a successful story. As of first September 2018, India will be a star in our portfolio as a destination’s choice.

High Life in India

High Life in India

Usually it is not the company as such, is all about the people who are part of it, because this is the most important part of our work. Ashikur and “Pinu” owners and partners of this joint venture have been the perfect match for our dream- come true. Not just the storytelling and the uniqueness of the products is what makes this a perfect symbiosis, but it s the values, the deep principles of desire to make a trip to India somehow transformative for the travelers. It is the fact of looking at a huge destination like India as a melting pot of religion, cultures, people, gastronomy, nature but centering the important not just the architects, the food, the hotels … but more into the real persons who make this country such a complex wonder and a land of wonderful contradictions and concept of life.

Spiritual India

Spiritual India

We acknowledge that at the end of the day, what stays in your mind, is the relationship with these persons who showed “their ” country – life into a different perspective than the one you may have in “our ” daily conventional life.  I don’t mean the guide who tells you the specifics of the place. I mean the unknown – unexpected person you sit with in a train or in a restaurant – bar and start to talk about whatever comes at that m moment. It is the owner of the shop or a street food retail who between a rational negotiation reveals details about his life, family or history.  It is “their” storytelling (not yours/ours) the one that impacts these moments and provides the impact in your memories that will stay alive in your brain- soul- heart for the rest of your life.

Taj Palace - Udhaipur

Taj Lake Palace – Udaipur

Our aim as Wanders of life, as Storytellers and lovers of the transformative traveling is to share these moments with all of you, so that the story can go ahead and be shared with you or your clients. Going deep into the real – transformation of a visit to India is what will be shown in the future by our side.


Soon visiting India for the first time we, at Be Marketing team, are already enjoying the preparation of a long time desired adventure. We all know that the preliminaries of a journey is as much if not better experience than the journey as itself.  An immersion of the real life, that we are absolutely sure will change our vision of the world and life. Same as other trips did to us in the past and which are now part of the essence of our thinking, our life and our values.

Stay tuned for the next “bewanderworld” stories.