Luxury Resorts and Destinations

2019 Looking to the Future

The most incredible destinations and new projects are about to come in 2019 with Be Marketing.

The last year we have seen is now history, but the you look to the future it is good to see what happened the last 12 months in order to look with optimism where we all want to go. The fact is that after 10 succesful years of be marketing since our initial steps in early 2008, we feel now that it is the moment of looking at new exciting projects aligned with the vision of the company. We will  consolidate the core ones we had during the last years and clearly leave some others behind with the aim of focussing on what is really the objective of the next 10 years; Strategic Growth, Internationalization and Excellence in our services to our clients and partners. Luxury destinations, high end resorts and unique experiences will get the attention of our team.

During 2018 we witnessed incredible highlights in our portfolio & destinations; Ronda/ Andalusia, Koh Samui, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Scotland, UAE, but lets get into details:

  • The Consolidation of LA Almazara Experience in Ronda. A project designed by P. Starck in an incredible setting. A luxurious Country House and a Museum in the heart of Andalusia. A unique experience trip to Ronda a memorable stay surrounded by nature, luxury agrotourism and design. Now finally open and ready for the distinguished traveller searching for something different.
Terraza ideal para eventos

Country House La Almazara

  • We Increased the presence in Thailand with a unique product in Koh Samui. Be marketing will run the promotion of the bran renewed Santibury resort in South Europe, Latin America and USA markets. This Resort, who went through a fabulous renovation,  deserves to be seen and tasted by the most demanding high end traveller in the world. We will make sure they enjoy this part of paradise in the Gulf of Siam.
playa santiburi_3

The Best Beach of Koh Samui at Santiburi Resort

  • INDIA came to our hands and soul with the best partner we could imagine. Status Quo Travel started a collaboration that will go far beyond the years and far beyond Spain and Portugal. Such an incredible country deserves to be seen with the eyes of passion and adventure. With the help of incredible professionals who make this journey unique and memorable, this can be a real example of  transformative travel.


  • Sri Lanka with Resplendent Ceylon provided us with a out of the world opening at Wild Coast and the possibility to provide a privilege setting and service in the middle of the Yala park in Ceylon. Combined with the Tea Trails and Cape Welligama, Resplendent Ceylon offers all the best circuit in this marvelous country.


  • Soneva Jani and Soneva Fushi – Maldives. We committed with Soneva to bring them back to the market in Europe and beyond, and so we did during the last 5 years.  The opening of Soneva Jani was the epitome of a great positioning and success. Together with the new developments of Soneva Fushi and now bringing back Soneva Kiri to levels of performance we are proud to say that the work has been done from our side. We wish the best success to this wonderful brand that we will always support.


  • UAE and specially Abu Dhabi with the new Louvre Museum has brought us many news and opportunities to see how this country every year provides us something new to the travellers. With Venue & Concept UAE and our partners we are showing the best experiences in this destination.


OK, But…  WHAT IS IN FOR 2019 WITH BE MARKETING ??? Look for your seat belt … here we come; our plan is to continue developing super exclusive products and destinations in Asia but also in Europe, and specifically  in SPAIN – Andalusia and other non city destinations. Luxury Agrotourism is the new trend and we will be there with exciting new projects.

In reference to geographical markets, be marketing has started already to cover Europe and LATAM with a fantastic team of professionals and partners already aligned with the company philosophy.

From the consultancy side we are working with a totally new destination – project in south Spain that will be the project of the next decade in terms of sustainability and experiential travel.

In the meantime here below some spots in the world to look at with us ….

  • The Philippines ! With Venue & Concept we have partnered together. WE HAVE Created a Boutique DMC and European and LATAM market will ove it. Already started to receive clients and we are succeeding incredibly. A great destination in the hand of the best specialists. Be Marketing and Venue & Concept.

Coron Palawan Philippines

  • LUX IN ANDALUCIA. Another ” own project ” that will featured the most incredible exclusive places, out of the beaten road, in Andalusia. Private independently projects, owners who have dedicated their passion to position unique experiences such as Wine cellars, Boutique hotels, Private luxury Homes and Villas, Local restaurants and Fincas with nature and environmental sites such as Vineyards, Oil Mails, and Country houses that you have never heard of. Stay tuned… The Other Andalusia will be in your radar vey soon.


  • ASIA in our hands, This is the objective. New projects will come soon. Aside of India Subcontinent; Indian Ocean – SRI Lanka and Thailand we will show more destinations and products. The world will be smaller and more accesible. New partners, new friends and new challenges


  • CADIZ. Keep this province in Andalusia as we will launch and study a super project that we are already working on it. A destination that recently has been nominated as one of the top new destinations to be visited by the New York Times. Be Marketing is running a research study in one of the most un-expoiled destinations in Europe, with incredible sites and villages, beaches and a gastronomy that you would wonder how is possible not to hear more from this place before. And finally talking about beaches, the best of the Atlantic at your steps, equally beautiful in summer or in winter. Stay tuned  ….


More qualified Destinations, products and services, this is what we at be marketing are looking for, always looking for the uniqueness and the exclusivity.

In terms of product , 2019 will the year where we will come back to Latin America, but Africa is knocking on the doors as well with an incredible project.  EXCITING!

In conclusion, Transformative travel with Be Marketing. Staying Out of the beaten Track ! Being Exclusive, being unique. See you around in 2019!