Taal Volcano, Force of Nature in the Philippines

Taal Vulcano near Manila, attracts more interest from travelers.

Sometimes nature creates new events that attracts curiosity from tourists always seeking to find the uniqueness of a moment. The last event of the Taal Volcano, 100 km away from Manila is now providing a new opportunity to have people traveling to the Philippines. Tagaytay and the natural park, a little bit more than 1h drive from the center of the city, provides an incredible opportunity to witness the force of nature in safe environment with nature. Our main picture shows the tranquility status of the Taal Volcano, a place that allows you to immerse in an incredible landmark experience, in that case at a quiet situation. Here below you can find one aerial- satellite shot that shows an impressive view of this moments (Source: Roy W Spencer / drroyspencer.com).


Venue & Concept, a boutique DMC in the Philippines allows you to add this incredible experience to your journey. Visiting this wonderful country with travel experts is extremely important .

But what happens when the Volcano awakes? Well this is an even more unique moment for experience. This was what happened some weeks ago in the Philippines. Besides the initial hassle of the ashes and the logistic troubles, it keeps an enormous opportunity to witness how nature is still alive.

Always under a safe environment, facing a live Volcano is an experience that not many people can share, and even less when it is relatively close to a major destination such as the capital of the Philippines. See below some of the images tourists were able to see throughout these events during last January.

With reference to this new trend, we have found some interesting links to videos that show the beauty of being able to visit such micro destinations and provide the feeling that you are in a very unique place and moment.

Interesting to know more about volcanos have a look at this National Geographic video, very instructive …

We are Sure now TAAL in the Philippines will start to be a top one to be visited. Clearly Nature is a big attraction for well travelled visitors. The Philippines is a major destination that would clearly show more interest in the upcoming years. It is time to start plan a journey to the soul of the earth, to the force of nature… in the Philippines .. with Venue & Concept Philippines.

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