New partnership with Pure Escapes; more Maldives and Seychelles with Be world.

We are excited to announce the new venture of Be World & Pure Escapes. This new collaboration will add to our portfolio the opportunity to provide more Maldives properties to our portfolio but most importantly a new destination; Seychelles for all the trade partners in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Pure Escapes is a full-service destination management company with over 10 years’ experience and expertise across the Indian Ocean and fully dedicated and trusted to creating and delivering the ultimate travel experiences for the most discerning travelers. As the only luxury specialist wholesaler in the Indian Ocean, PURE ESCAPES have built an extensive network over the years and have long-standing relationships with leading luxury resorts and service providers.

Most important now is that we have added Seychelles to our portfolio of destinations and with the full guarantee of services and quality that PURE ESCAPES can provide for any booking, doesn’t matter how exclusive they are.

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Today, with three global offices, over 30 multilingual staff, and a local presence, PURE ESCAPES have grown to become the world’s number one luxury resort seller in Maldives and Seychelles.

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Why Pure Escapes? 


FIRST PLACE. Pure Escapes is the number one seller of luxury resorts for both Maldives and Seychelles. This brings a host of advantages that can be  pass onto travel agents and tour operators, and which can ultimately pass onto your clients.

The market-leading position means that  guarantees the best available rates, and from special offers to pre-allocated room nights, plus the access to the very best resorts in the Maldives and Seychelles is second to none.

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FIRST HAND. Pure Escapes extensively and continuously test every resort and listen to your valued feedback. The multilingual team have strong personal relationships with all of the reservation teams and General Managers. Because they have own ground handlers and multilingual guides, Pure Escapes have the ability to organise the most demanding and incredible excursions and experiences.

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FIRST CLASS. Pure Escapes specializes in delivering the finest experiences that Maldives and Seychelles have to offer. Every luxury resort is well known intimately, and with a multitude of properties to choose from, there are the unique ability to help you choose the resort that perfectly matches your clients’ taste, budget and needs.

Pure Escapes also ensures that every other part of the experience is of the highest possible quality, from transfers and excursions, to private butlers and tour guides.

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phone. 34 910807870


Redaction: Alfonso Martinez Fischer

CEO & Owner of Be Marketing / Be World

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