A reborn star in Koh Samui

Be Marketing Welcomes Santiburi, a renewed star in Koh Samui.

We are absolutely excited to add the Santiburi group to our be marketing portfolio. With a full renovated resort after spent 20 mill $ we have a new star reborn, located at a unique spot in the South of Thailand, at Koh Samui. Santiburi with Be Marketing will be promoting their marvelous property in South Europe and also in the Americas. Perfect inventory of  12 Suites and 84 stand alone villas with Private Reserve Villas are located in a huge area full of vegetation and space for enjoyment. Villas with Private pools and space up to 300 sqm for self enjoyment. Almost 10.000 Has of land that provides perfect privacy and relax for holidays and events.

Aerial view of the private beach

Aerial view of the private beach

A resort in a beautiful place like this has to have character and definitely the Thai Style of the construction shows the respect to the culture and the premises of a local architecture. A resort with Thai personality and Thai Service standards.

View from the main resort building

The Common areas are nicely decorated and provide intimate spaces for relax, Space for a cocktail after a full day of activities, meet the family and friends for planning next days’ experiences… you decide.

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Best Beach in Koh Samui.

Mae Nam Beach is ideal for Family traveling as the resort has undoubtedly the best spot for Beach in serene north shore of the island. But most important an Immaculate place with full service and culinary experiences that will provide unique moments for any traveller.

More Beach .... Pristine Ocean and Sand

More Beach …. Pristine Ocean and Sand

And the best Gastronomy experiences…

Several restaurants, by the beach, thai specialties and international cuisine.. from the sea to the table , catch of the day , organic vegetables from the garden and the best service provided by a 6 stars service resort .

Beach lunch time ...

Beach lunch time …

……Day & Night

.. or dinner

.. or dinner

Catch of the day ready for you ...

and the Catch of the day ready for you …

Ice cream time...

and don’t forget the Ice cream time…

Villas .. where space is the Luxury

Living in peace and in space . For couples or families, suites over 60 sqm up to 300 sqm villas with private pools aside by the beach and in full privacy. Thai decor and modern luxury , feel at home in Thailand

Two bedroom villa

Two bedroom villa, your orivate pool is waiting…

Interior space at villa

Interior space at villa .. can you see the beach ??

Don’t forget that also Santibury resort is ideal for multigenerational traveling due to their incredible number of multi room villas , many of them all by – the beach

Family Villa with private pool

Family Villa with private pool

Activities & Experiences

Best moments for couples or for families can be enjoying any type of sport facilities, from super Yatching experiences to just back to basic sailing in catamarans. The sport center provides all type of water sports and a Junior Camp with indoor and outdoor area for kids.


Private Yatch for your private escapes

Catamaran by the beach

Catamaran by the beach

Aside of this sport activities, Yoga and healthy programs are available for any guest, Any outdoor activities, waterspouts from kayaking to windsurf of paddle board, fishing or any other nautical sports.

Healthy life style at Santiburi

Healthy life style at Santiburi

Top Golf

But if there is a star in the sport side, it is the Golf Course & Country Club, one of the best Golf Course in the island. a 5 Star Golf, along with Heritage, culture and adventure spots.

The Best Courses

The Best Courses …

....  & The best views

…. & The best views

Top Golf experiences at Santiburi

Top Golf experiences at Santiburi


Last but not least, an incredible Spa with unrivaled service in Thailand. Choose where you want to be treated with the thai attention to details and care.

Outdoor spa

Outdoor spa


In conclusion, a star has reborn at the best beach shore of Koh Samui, in the tranquility of a unique destination that will provide the best service to family , friends, couples or any event to be organized at corporate level.The star is waiting to welcome you, no need to wait more… os esperamos !

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